Splatoon 2 Demo
Splatoon 2 will be getting a demo as early as late March. Between March 24th and 26th there will be 6 one hour slots for those eager to painted to experience the game. Nintendo is currently touring the demo but as it’s unlikely to come to our neck of the woods anytime soon. These timeslots are all we’ve got:
  • March 24th – 7pm GMT
  • March 25th – 3am GMT
  • March 25th – 11am GMT
  • March 25th – 7pm GMT
  • March 26th – 4am GMT
  • March 26th – 12pm GMT

What to Expect

The demo will feature four weapons and is the same as the one shown at the Switch launch event. The closest release date we have is “this Summer” so Switch owners will be dying to pad out the day one games with some Splatoon style fun. If you do pick up a day one Switch you will of course be able to enjoy the usual mini-game assortment and the brand new Zelda.

Splatoon 2 is also giving a shout out to the esports crowd by offering a new Spectator Mode. It’s true to say that watching Splatoon is almost as fun as playing Splatoon so this seems like a great addition.

Why This is Good News

Splatoon was one of the strongest offerings on the Wii U, currently holding a metacritic score of 81. This family-friendly take on the 3rd person shooter was adored by player and critic alike. Then factor in how few WiiU sales there were. If Nintendo can kickstart their new console with Zelda and Splatoon 2 they may just have a winner. Hopefully it means more people should get the chance to enjoy the colourful madness of Splatoon. Grab your granny, grab the kids and grab your paint gun. This is something we can all enjoy.