Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass

If you’re even remotely interested in the Nintendo Switch then the upcoming Breath of the Wild is going to be on your wishlist. The latest Zelda looks beautiful and utterly worth the wait. We’ve also just learnt that there will be additional content available. Although there is yet to be a price in pounds announced we do know it will be $20.

We’ve Got a Big One Here

The game at launch will be ““one of the largest, most engaging video games Nintendo has ever created”. Add in the two DLC packs you will receive with the Expansion Pass and Breath of the Wild is looking massive. Not Witcher 3 massive, but impressive nonetheless.

Some Breath of Life artwork
The Details

The DLC will be released in two separate windows. We can expect one to hit this Summer and the other to hit around Christmas. Unlike most DLC systems you will not be able to buy the DLC packs separately according to Nintendo. The Expansion Pass will be available for both the WiiU and Switch versions of the game.

What do We Get

Once you buy Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass three new chests will appear in your game. Two will contain useful items while the other is purely cosmetic – a Nintendo Switch t-shirt for Link to wear should he tire of his usual fashion choices.

The first DLC will give you a Cave of Trials, a new map feature and a hard mode. The second will give us a new dungeon and a new bit of story.