Final Fantasy XV: A King’s Tale

Final Fantasy XV came with many options for preordering. Most of us opted for Amazon. It’s safe and reliable and cheap. If you preordered at GameStop or EB Games however then you would have got a code for A King’s Tale. Unlike Final Fantasy XV, A King’s Tale is a 2D retro-inspired beat ’em up. You’ll get to mash up Streets of Rage and FF lore as you play this bizarre spinoff.

FF but not as you know it
How Does This Fit In?

If you’re confused as to how this fits in with the story (I was confused about the story full stop) then rest assured it doesn’t. A King’s Tale takes place 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy XV and it’s set on an alternate timeline. Basically you can forget almost anything you managed to decipher from the main game and just enjoy the ride.

The gameplay is also different. You can expect fast-paced combat without the usual blessing of room to run away. In my case I’m sure this will spell certain death.

Nowhere to run…
Gimme Gimme Gimme

If you want to get your hands on A King’s Tale it will be free to download from March 1 on PS4 and Xbox One. If you’ve already traded your copy of Final Fantasy XV fear not; you don’t need the game to download the spinoff. And what do free games make? Free gamerscore/trophies!