Nintendo Account IDs

If you’re a serious gamer you must have a Steam account name, a gamertag and a PSN ID. You might also have a Nintendo Network ID for the WiiU and 3DS. Time to add another one to the list as Nintendo announced their new Nintendo Account ID.

This overhauled system should allow easier friend-finding, some synergy with your other gaming names and unifies all Nintendo products under one umbrella. going forward. It will of course be essential to have a Nintendo Account ID for the Switch.

If you’re getting a Switch go pretty!
Contenders Ready!

Of course we all know what happened with those other gaming name formats. If you didn’t get in super quick you were left with a name that either was surrounded by x’s or had an unwieldy number as a suffix. Then there are those who ended up with a misspelling. It sounds so much less impressive when you have to literally spell out your gamertag when you’re exchanging details in real life. Don’t let this be the case with your Nintendo Account ID!

You chance of getting any of these names is zero

Getting in early is going to be the only way to guarantee a good name. You’ll need at least 6 characters. These aren’t set in stone however. If you get in early and end up with buyer’s remorse then you can change your name any time you choose from the remaining options.

Think Outside the Box

By now most of the obvious Nintendo references are gone. Most likely taken by the company themselves or by staff. If you do want to try to get something halfway decent then head to the Nintendo Account website now and see what you can get.