Pillars of Eternity 2

PC gamers lapped up Pillars of Eternity when it was launched in 2015. It garnered critical acclaim and was basically universally adored. It’s of little surprise that a sequel was announced to be launched in 2018. With the way the industry is going it was also unsurprising that Obsidian Entertainment sought crowd-funding on Fig. Still they have managed to surprise me! Pillars of Eternity 2 now has more backers than any other video game which has sought Fig crowd-funding to date.

Oooo, I wanna explore
That’s a Whole Lotta Dough

The campaign was set up to raise $1.1 million and as of this post it has reached $3.1 millions with a little over 2 days to go. It still lags behind Psychonauts 2 for the most money raised ($3.8 million) but Pillars of Eternity 2 has definitely got on a lot of people’s radars.

If you feel the need to sweeten the pot before the campaign ends then you will get some benefits. You’ll be able to buy the game when it’s released for $29, a discount of $16 to which we say thank you very much.

What to Expect

Having blasted their stretch goal the team behind Pillars of Eternity 2 have confirmed that companion relationships will now be a thing. If the campaign hits $3.25 million you can also expect to see optional sidekicks added to the game. Overall the game promises to be bigger and better across the board with a more reactive world.