Ooblets Announced – Double Fine-published Adorable Indie Title


It may not be a term you’re familiar with now but if you love all things indie then very soon the word Ooblets will be firmly in your vocabulary. This newly announced title by Glumberland, a self-described “tiny” studio has players salivating at the first trailer.

What is it?

Unashamedly lifting from other series’, Ooblets is a combination of Pokémon, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. Some of you will probably stop reading now sighing as you go. Now they’re gone the rest of us can celebrate what a marvelous combo that sounds like.

Lifting from Pokémon there will be turn-based battling with your creatures. Expect to see plenty of farming a la Harvest Moon. You’ll also need to travel to different biomes to find creatures and items similar to Animal Crossing.

The Ooblets themselves look like something Nintendo would have dreamed up. Cute and brightly coloured critters make this game look like a family friendly hit.

Understand but a Shame

According to the FAQ on the Ooblets website (check it out for more info) there will not be any multiplayer modes. The developers are fully aware that the game is screaming for it but as it would “basically double the time to make the game” they’re skipping it for now. They have hinted at a multiplayer option if they get a sequel.

When’s it Coming?

If you are desperate to get your hands on Ooblets (I know I am) then unfortunately you’ve still got quite a wait. Although there’s not a set date yet they are planning for a 2018 release date. It will initially be launched on Xbox One and PC.