Banner Saga 3 gets Donations when you Play the First Two on Twitch

Banner Saga 3

Some of you may be aware that Banner Saga 3 is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter. While it has already smashed its goal of $200,000 there are some really fun ways to help popping up. It currently stands at $314,000.

If you choose to donate $20 you can download the first two games in the trilogy for free. But, there’s also a completely new sort of donation occurring. If you have a Twitch Prime membership (part of the Amazon Prime subscription) you can play Banner Saga 1 & 2 for free. If you do so via Twitch Launcher then Twitch will donate $1 for each player. You will also get an unspecified reward when the game is launched.

It’s a strange system but it just might work. What makes it extremely effective for the players is that you can use a free trial of Prime to get the games. Just cancel after your trial and you get to play some great games and feel good about the donation made because of you.

Beautiful artwork
What is it?

If you’re unaware of the Banner Saga trilogy let me enlighten you. These stylish hand-drawn games are steeped in Norse mythology and will test your mettle as you proceed. They are tactical role-playing games with turn-based combat. You’ll also get plenty of random events that allow you to choose from a list of decisions. You will rarely be able to calculate the consequences and the end result is invariably bad but they’re fun to participate in.

This melancholy game series is not an easy journey but it is one that strategy fans will love. Banner Saga 3 is sure to continue on in its predecessors’ footsteps and provide a stellar experience.