Twitch Update

Since Twitch launched in 2011 it has grown in popularity exponentially. The community has always made its opinions clear and a frequent request was the ability to change your username. Twitch has made good on that request and has now implemented that system. It is now possible to change your tag. This allows you to shed annoyingly outdated options or just bring your handle into line with your gamertags.

Teething Problems

According to a Twitch blog there are some teething problems. Some testers discovered they lost their stats. To avoid this export your stats before initiating a name change. Additionally URLs that include your username will not automatically redirect. This makes it essential if you have links to your Twitch profile on website etc. to update any URLs.

Think Before you Change

Abandoned usernames will be held in limbo for 6 months at least and may be returned to the available options but this is not guaranteed. So avoid changing your name on a whim because you won’t be able to change back with ease. You will also only be able to change your username once every two months.

One of the Crowd

This update brings Twitch into line with so many gaming platforms such as Xbox Live and Steam which also allow name changes. Xbox Live of course charges players for name changes unless the system assigned you yours when you first got the console. PlayStation Network remains stalwart in not letting users have this freedom.