Please Note: These “reviews” are NOT to be taken seriously and do NOT represent the whole product. The game has only been played for 30 Minutes, which isn’t enough time to write a full balanced review. 

Okay, first of all f*ck anyone that bothered me during the 30 minutes I played this, second of all thank you to anyone who bothered me during that time as that made me play this s*it less than 30 minutes <3

So, yeah, the game. It was a bit better than I expected, not gonna lie, but it was not amazing.


So the game is pretty weird, firstly somehow I got into a private match, gg me.

After that I finally got into a public lobby with 3 other guys waiting for the last one. F*ck me that took long, you’d think finding what, 5 guys would be quick, but nope.

After we finally got into the actual game, it took me a solid minute to realize I have to select the loadout by clicking the loudout buttons on the bottom of the screen, not the one button that is on top.

I have to say the game looks pretty good (made with Substance ha heey) and the movement is pretty decent, but the matches were boring as f*ck. Somehow the small maps that CoD has are bigger than it’s needed, then again I played Free for all with only 5 people so I can’t complain.

After the pretty boring deserty looking map we got into a space map and I was like yay we will finally fly those f*ck ships in space! BUT BOI I WAS WRONG.

We were thrown on some space shop mall, f*cking original right there CoD, which had a few parkour routes. I was, besides sad that I couldn’t fly the space ships, kinda wanting to test the parkour and see how similar it is to Titanfall’s.

It’s garbage.

Titnafall’s parkour feels so smooth and goes exactly where you want it to go, but CoD’s is like trying to make a bear parkour with jet boosters or some s*it.

Gun gameplay is s*it, no recoil, no calculating how to shot because it all goes right to the center. Yes I like the bullet drops and such and I get that this game is meant for casual players that just want to shot people, but still, it was like playing Battlefront with ultra fast guns (gun mechanics that is).

I have never played any CoDs before so I can’t compare this one to any other.

It looks nice, the controls feel nice, but the mechanics are just plain terrible. If you want an ultra fast paced shooter, than this is for you, else just go play some CSGO or something, same cancer game.