Minecraft – Still Building

Minecraft has officially become the second bestselling game of all time. It is second only to Tetris. The scary bit is that it shows no sign of slowing down. Developer Mojang has now confirmed that across the myriad of platforms it has sold 122 million copies. Obviously there will be gamers out there with copies on multiple platforms but it remains a staggering figure.

Maintaining Speed

The last milestone that was declared in Minecraft sales was 100 million copies. This was declared a mere 9 month ago. A crazy 22 million copies have been sold since then! And thanks to Polygon we can clarify that free upgrades to the Windows 10 version are not counted in that figure. The full 122 million copies are “paid units”.

Minecraft man with axe and dog
Who knew this would be such a familiar sight?
The Real Stats

Of course not everyone who plays Minecraft sticks with Minecraft. The really interesting figure is that there are 55 million monthly active players. This is a 37.5% increase on the June 2016 milestone stats.

Grab it Now

Microsoft (they bought Mojang in 2014) have been selling the Windows 10 Edition beta at a discounted rate of $9.99. As the game is now past version 1.0 the price will soon go up. If you want to catch it at that price grab it before March 20th. At this point the price will go back to $26.99.

I have to confess to having never played it. My friend’s play it, one of them is a top author on the subject, and yet I remain outside of the 122 million copies. For those of you who enjoy it I salute you. I’m just not that patient a gamer!