Sea of Thieves Limited Edition Console

If you’re looking to get your hands on something Rare by name and rare by nature then look no further. For a snazzy piece of gaming memorabilia the Sea of Thieves Xbox One S is costly but gorgeous. Rare have put up one of these consoles on eBay with the hope of raising a tidy donation for SpecialEffect. SpecialEffect is a charitable organisation that helps people with a variety of disabilities to play games.

Can you Say Ouch?

As I write this the auction has a little over one day to run and the price currently stands at £990. Before you walk away dejected there’s something you need to know. You will not find a rarer more coveted console. Only three of these are ever being made. Once the auction has ended there will be a delay in shipping while this one is made for you especially. There is no doubt you will be the envy of your friends, or at least the gaming ones!

Sea of Thieves limited edition Xbox One S
Just gorgeous – yes please!
Rare – the Giving Gamers

This console is not a one-off. If you’re looking for a more affordable piece of Rare memorabilia there’s plenty to be had. They currently have nine items total on eBay from various games. Again, proceeds go to SpecialEffect. They also streamed co-op games last Friday and were rewarded by £1,100 of donations. If you wish to donate you can do so here.