Nindies – Nintendo Jump on the Indie Bandwagon


Okay it may not be the best portmanteau in gaming history but the announcement of “nindies” is still a positive one. Basically Nintendo have decided to join Sony, Steam and Microsoft in pushing all things indie alongside the big hits. Gamers considering a move to the Switch need no longer miss out on smaller titles. More than 64 indie games will be coming to Switch in the next year. Gives a whole new meaning to Nintendo 64 doesn’t it? I don’t think that was an accident in marketing…

New games will be released every week and will be downloadable through the eShop. This is clearly in a similar style to the more established formats.

The Lineup

Not all of the games due to be released were shown in the video showcase; some were confirmed in a later news release. Here are the confirmed titles and any exclusivity that has been announced.

Picture of Nintendo Switch and some of the Nindies they have announced.
Let the excitement begin!

Steamworld Dig 2: Released on Switch Summer 2017.

Yooka-Laylee: Switch will receive multiplayer modes first.

Overcooked Special Edition: The special edition will include HD Rumble integration for the Switch Joy-Con controllers.

The Escapists 2: Released in 2017.

Gonner: Released in 2017. Exclusive Switch content.

Kingdom Two Crowns: Released in 2017.

Runner3: The game will be a Switch exclusive when it launches in Autumn 2017. N.B. Runner3 had previously been confirmed for PS4 and XB1. This may mean it is a timed exclusive.

Blaster Master Zero: Released on March 9th.

Flipping Death: Released in 2017.

Graceful Explosion Machine: Released in April as a Switch timed exclusive.

Dandara: Released Summer 2017.

Mr. Shifty: Released in April as a Switch timed exclusive.

TumbleSeed: Released in Spring 2017.

Shakedown: Hawaii: Release imminent.

Pocket Rumble: Released in March 2017 as a Switch exclusive.

WarGroove: Released in 2017.

Stardew Valley: New multiplayer mode will debut on the Switch this Summer.

Thumper: Released in Spring 2017.

Perception: Released in 2017.

Ultimate Chicken Horse: Released in 2017.

Rogue Trooper Redux: Released in 2017.

NBA Playgrounds: Released in 2017.

Celeste: Released in 2017.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth: Released in March 2017.

Fast RMX: Switch launch title.

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment: Switch launch title.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove: Switch launch title.

Kudos where Kudos are Due

There is no doubt that this lineup greatly increases Nintendo’s indie credentials. It’s a strong list and bodes well as a starting block. It yet again shows that Nintendo are working hard to make the Switch a success. And I think they just might get away with it…