GDC 2017 – Microsoft

The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco has become a key part of the gaming calendar. Microsoft have a firm presence there and have outlined some key developments that you may find interesting.

Xbox Live Creators Program

This is what some people have been waiting for and is another breakthrough in favour of indie gaming. The Xbox Live Creators Program will allow anyone to make a game and upload it easily to Xbox Live and Windows 10 PCs. Major Nelson said “With the Creators Program, anyone can integrate Xbox Live sign-in, presence, and social features into their UWP games, then publish their game to Xbox One and Windows 10”. For more details on the matter click here.

If you’re worried about trying to find the latest indie title without it being lost don’t fret. User-created content will be kept in a separate store.

Those of you raring to go can download the program here.

Xbox Game Pass

I already outlined the Xbox Game Pass in a previous blog but unsurprisingly it was a hot topic at Microsoft’s GDC 2017 presentation. We have now learnt that the discount on games that are included in the Game Pass will be 20% and the DLC discount will be 10%.

ID@Xbox Merges with Play Anywhere

The Play Anywhere scheme that allows you to buy a game once and play it on PCs and consoles alike is expanding. Up until now there have been a slow dribble on games that qualified but now some ID@Xbox games will be included. 16 more games will be added to the original 10 in the near future and include Ooblets, Snake Pass, Full Metal Furies and RUINER.

More About Beam

Beam is “fast, low-latency, interactive game broadcasting”. Microsoft are convinced it is the future. Certainly both eSports and streaming are growth markets. Beam will soon be part of Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One’s. Anyone will be able to broadcast with no additional software or hardware required.

Beam broadcasting over a game

Windows Game Mode

Microsoft remain committed to making Windows 10 PCs the best gaming PCs out there. Windows Game Mode will allow you to switch your settings to ease your gaming experience. This will result in better frame rates and a generally improved gaming experience.

Everybody Games

The Microsoft camp have long been supporting the more minority groups and celebrating their gaming. As per previous years they have held a number of lunches/meetings etc. to allow minority groups to be heard by the game developers and share any concerns.

That’s a Wrap

What has you excited from the Microsoft report? It may be a small part of the GDC 2017 but I’d love to know what has you excited. Play Anywhere continues to be something that I think in time could prove invaluable when rivalling the Switch.