New Assassin’s Creed Now – its Absence is Affecting my Gaming

When it was announced that alongside an actual new Assassin’s Creed we were getting 3 spinoffs everyone groaned. Even I thought that was just too much. But I was wrong. I have been on board the Assassin’s Creed journey since the beginning and it has fundamentally changed how I game, and possibly even how I live. It sounds dramatic I know but let me tell you how and it won’t seem so far-fetched.

Help it’s Missing!

Ubisoft announced that they would be taking a break in 2016 from the series. That didn’t sit right with me. Sure enough when it got to the usual release window I was pining for my assassins. Now it’s spilling over into other games. I have recently completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I played through several times and not once did I deviate from my stealth plans. Not even for achievements. I killed no one, knocked out as few as possible and slipped unseen through countless areas. This is exactly how I play Assassin’s Creed. Now I’m playing Dishonored 2 and sure enough, I’m playing the same. I am so desperate to play Assassin’s Creed that I am making any game with possible stealth elements into its clone.

Adam Jensen from Deus Ex
Adam Jensen – an Assassins by any other name…
Things Change

It wasn’t always this way. I am a horribly impatient person and stealth requires patience. When I first started playing Assassin’s Creed I wanted to be true to the game but at the same time lacked the patience required to be skilled at it. I used to have tactics that involved taking out every single guard. It was great, I enjoyed it well enough… but then I discovered the sense of reward that comes with being truly unseen in a stealth game. I wanted to do every mission right and to do that I had to get sneaky.

Practice Makes Perfect

Sure enough, over the years I became more adept at it. I started seeing the surroundings differently and plotting routes that allowed me to be invisible. Somehow I got good at it; in fact no just good but great. I would fly through levels in the most pacifist and stealthy fashion. I don’t want to lose those skills. I practice them in every game I can because soon I will need those skills again. There will be a new Assassin’s Creed. Unfortunately 2017 is looking more and more unlikely for the series return but it is coming and I have faith that it will be more Syndicate, less Unity.

A row of some of the assassins from Assassin's Creed.
Always room for one more
The Strange Add-on

The funny thing is that Assassin’s Creed taught me patience so well that it has spilled over into my real life. I’m not saying I’m even as patient as the average person but for me there has been an improvement. It is truly ironic then that here I am writing about how impatient I am for a game that has overall taught me patience.