Nintendo Switch is Super Sneaky

The Nintendo Switch is barely out and yet not one, but two hidden messages have been uncovered. The first will only have been spotted by those who went pro. The Switch Pro Controller had a heavy price tag (£59.99 here which makes it dearer than X1 or PS4) but some fans picked one up regardless. While the added perk they were expecting was PC compatibility there was another surprise waiting.

Pro Controller has Something to Say…

If you get up close and personal with your pad and check the right thumbstick bezel you may see something.

Closeup of Nintendo Switch pro controller
Getting warmer…
Extreme closeup of Nintendo Switch pro controller showing lettering

Although it’s hard to see the full message persistent gamers have discovered it reads “THX2 ALLGAMEFANS”. As physical Easter eggs go that one is almost as satisfying as the chocolate variety!

I Said 2…

I said the Nintendo Switch had hidden two messages so here’s the second. This one is in the more traditional in-game style. If you have a Switch you have Zelda. It’s that black and white. Depending on how far through the insanely high-scoring game (98/100 and climbing) you’ve got you may have spotted the strange glyphs. These are actually the language of the Sheikah. If you’ve played Fez and just love a puzzle you may have started to decrypt these glyphs. If you haven’t yet or just don’t want to then sparkthedarkness (reddit) has done the work for you.

A list of ornate glyphs that make up the Sheikah alphabet
The complete Sheikah alphabet

You can use this secret language to decipher useful hints for completionists. However, if you purchased the special edition of the game you will find “The Hyrule Fantasy” written over and over in Sheikah. “The Hyrule Fantasy” was the name of the first Legend of Zelda in Japan. There is a lot of speculation about what this means but nothing is currently confirmed. It may be because the game was originally tested in 2D and looked like the original. Or it may be that this is the start of a whole wave of reimagined Zelda games. It could simply be another classy hidden nod to Switch adopters.

The Bigger Picture

Whatever the reason for these Easter eggs which may or may not even be linked, I think we need to keep our eyes peeled. As they say two points make a line not a pattern but I suspect if we stay on the lookout we may find more hidden messages from the good folks at Nintendo. Stay alert, stay gaming and report whatever you find!