GTA V wants to Pay You…

No it’s not a con. If you are one of the hacking elite then you could potentially earn a few thousand dollars by combining your skills with a love of gaming. Basically Rockstar Games is running a bounty program. They want hackers to comb through their websites and domains looking for flaws. Bugs and security flaws will be paid at minimum of $150 but could be substantially more.

The domains listed include but are not limited to,,,,, and plenty more.

No Seriously…

The GTA V style get rich quick scheme was first spotted on Hacker One. Hacker One is basically a freelance job board for hackers. If you have the skills and are yet to put them to good use you should definitely check it out.

Man standing surrounded by money in GTA V
This could be you… okay maybe not!
The Fine Print

Obviously when a big company is involved there are always plenty of terms and conditions. You must only disclose your findings to Rockstar. You must be the first to report the bug. And the amount you’ll be paid depends on the severity of the security flaw. Putting all that to one side the bad news is that over $90,000 has already been paid out. The low-hanging fruit must be all but gone so only those determined to take on the challenge should apply. The average bounty is currently $500.

So that’s it. If you’ve been waiting to take your hacking skills away from your gaming and put them to use in real life this is your chance. And you’ll end some kudos from Rockstar and most likely the vast quantity of GTA V players. Happy hunting!