Steep is Free to Play this Weekend – Goggles On!

Steep is not a Price-tag Descriptor

Ubisoft have announced their recent endeavour into open world extreme sports games will be free to play this weekend. Steep consists of events and exploration using skies and snowboard but also utilises paragliding and wingsuits.

Steep will be free from 10am PT on March 10th. Your time is up at 1pm PT on March 12th if you choose to play on X1 or PC. Bizarrely PS4 users will get a little extra time and will have to bail out at 10am PT March 13th.

What’s it all About?

If you’re a gamer of a certain age then chances are you killed it at SSX. SSX was the daddy of snowboarding games, surpassed only by Tricky in my books. Then SSX decided to be less… SSX-ish. It lost its integral sense of humour. I’m well aware that SSX is still an ongoing franchise but it’s now one that just doesn’t capture my interest. Steep is not a new SSX. It is, however, much closer to “if Tony Hawks did snowboarding”.

There is exploration to do, crazy tricks to nail and even what is basically a crash mode. It’s not the best snowboarding game there ever was but this is a good opportunity to dip a toe in the genre if you’re feeling a little shy.

Free Means Free

Often free trials mean cutbacks on where you can go and what you can do. That is not the case here. The whole game will be open to you. And if you’re planning on trying to complete it on the PC in the alloted time you can start a preload via Uplay now. Pretty handy to max out your free game time.