Please Note: These “reviews” are NOT to be taken seriously and do NOT represent the whole product. The game has only been played for 30 Minutes, which isn’t enough time to write a full balanced review. 

I’m back bois and grils!

Wanted to play My Dog Coach today but I don’t have a f*cking cable for the CD drive so f*ck me right 😀

Because I was so sad I wanted to play something to forget about it but then I saw Drive Megapolis in my Steam library so I said f*ck it you peeps deserve another s*it review so here it is.

First of, good start, fullscreen and everything but then the bloody menu shows up and f*cks your eyes literally. Every little setting is right there in front of you and you’re just lost staring at it like the f*ck does all of this mean.

On that screen you can pick a car and a level, (also note to the dev, if you just remove the logo of a company from the steering wheel that doesn’t mean you’re all good legally) after that you can click the New Game button.

It gets a bit weird because the main window closes and you see all this s*it going on in the console (yes there is a debug console when you have the game open) and a new window opens in a weird 4:3 resolution, not fullscreen (check header image).

I was like, okay I’ll change this in the settings but the game was all like, that’s where you’re wrong kiddo and basically I was stuck in this weird aspect ratio for no reason, mcf*ck it.

Oh also if you map the keys how you want, but then after closing the menu want to change 1 more you’re s*it out of luck because once you open the menu again everything resets itself and you’ll have to remap all the keys again.

Okay enough of the menus and s*it (well.. not exactly enough of the s*it) let’s start the game.

f.*.c.i.n.g w.a.n.k.e.r of a driving instructor.

When I try to turn in the corner I drive on the opposite side for like 1/4 of a wheel because driving with a keyboard is a bit hard you know but this son of a b*tch yells every time I do that like I f*cking slaughtered his family or some s*it.



f*ckin hell

Okay, turned that s*ithead off and try to set up my wheel. That didn’t work since only 3 wheels are supported for some weird f*cking reason.

After that I just drove around hitting pedestrians and drifting and s*it.

The “game” is ultra broken and unfinished but I didn’t expect much from seeing the reviews.