Top 5 Things We Want To See In Red Dead Redemption 2


The time has finally arrived for Red Dead fans after 7 years of the release of Read Dead Redemption. With a high-grossing 13 million players, Red Dead Redemption is one of many Rockstar‘s most successful video game. After Grand Theft Auto 5 settled in, Rockstar announced their next game production which is, of course, the one and only Red Dead Redemption 2. So without further due, here are the top 5 things us fans wish to see in the second series of western American adventures, Red Dead Redemption.


Grand Theft Auto 4’s online is somewhat similar to Red Dead Redemption’s online. Both games offered you characters where you weren’t able to personalise their clothing and appearance. However, in Grand Theft Auto 5 online, they introduced clothing stores and barbers. Thankfully, Rockstar will introduce this to Red Dead 2’s online sessions so that you can recreate your western characters as mad as you wish.


Just like with Grand Theft Auto 5 online, they create new gameplay missions at least every month. We didn’t have this option in Red Dead – instead, we had various gang hideouts and local travellers that needed a job done. These missions had different types however never got renewed so therefore we played the same missions over and over. With Grand Theft Auto 5 online, they introduce new missions possibly every 4 weeks or so to keep people interested in the game more and to destroy boredom of repeating the same missions. Hopefully, we will get missions such as races with horses and/or waggons, deathmatches, team deathmatches, hunting, theft work and more.


We all know a very gripping, adrenaline-fuelling story mode makes a video game loved for years without hesitation. Starring John Marston, the Red Dead Redemption story mode is loved by millions and I won’t make any spoilers but the ending to RDR’s story mode, the question for RDR2’s story mode is still yet to be found out…


We had Undead Nightmare as Red Dead Redemption’s DLC spin-off which consists of the apocalypse consuming the west of America and Mexico. We do hope for another spin-off DLC in the second game; and if we do, what will be it?


Keep focused now, I don’t mean glitter-dazzling landscapes with unicorns (although that would be awesome!). What I mean is a larger world with breath-taking landscapes. Red Dead Red Redemption offered its best beauty for the large world filled with spectacular views and horizons. We hope for Red Dead Redemption 2 to offer the same but larger and better! Stumbling across strangers who needs a hand and roaming with friends, these landscapes makes the imagination better.