Hearthstone will Bleed you Dry

Blizzard’s Hearthstone is an immensely popular collectible card game that has capture many a player’s hearts. Unfortunately this little cash cow just upped its prices and its popularity may not remain. Whilst the game is technically free-to-play it’s all about the cards. The price of card packs has just skyrocketed. I’m sorry to break the bad news.

Are you Sitting Down?

Prices have been raised for everyone who pays with either Euros or Pounds. No, you can’t just pay in Dollars. Sorry. While European players are hurting the post-Brexit disastrous value of the Pound means we’ve been double-stung. This handy table from NeoGAF user Garou will tell you more.The various price increases for Hearthstone in Euros and Pounds

As you can see the European have got a flat 11% increase which may seem steep but is at least consistent. So why are the UK prices so shocking? As you can see they are clearly trying to make us purchase more packs at a time. The whopping 50% increase on a set of 2 packs is frankly insane.

The Future is Bleak

Not only have the Hearthstone prices lost the plot but so has the development model. In a move that shamelessly shouts “we want your money” Blizzard previously announced three expansions would arrive a year. This is a devastating pairing that is likely to bleed the average gamer dry.

A More Positive Note

This is terrible news for UK gamers in the Hearthstone community but if it’s not enough to make you call it quits then ante up. The price rise will come into play on the 22nd March. That leaves you a little over a week to buy up as many packs as feels sensible. Who wanted to pay their bills this month anyway!