My Gaming Library

I mainly play puzzle games and anything I can stealth my way through these days. But every now and then my brain hurts. There is only so much highly taxing gaming you can do before you just need to blow off some steam. Usually I simply swap from puzzles to stealth or vice versa but every now and then I go for something a little bit different.

Goats and Toast

One of the best bits of gaming sorbet in recent years for me was Goat Simulator. It was a game so utterly ridiculous you had to laugh at it… and at yourself for daring to play it. The carnage that ensued as I singlehandedly wrecked my way around levels was legendary. Never before has a goat been quite as destructive. It was great, it was short, and when it was over I felt it was time to get back to serious gaming. I wasn’t tempted by the DLC and I have currently passed on I am Bread, a game by the same developer.

Goat Simulator screenshot showing an angel goat flying over a demonic circle.
Go Angel Goat, go!
The RPG Headache

It’s just necessary to take your foot off the gas sometimes. I went through a stage of playing every big JRPG that was launched. Somewhere between the destruction of the world and the similar but oh so different combat systems my brain fizzled out. Of course back then I could simply reach for the latest Tony Hawk’s. I could play it in my sleep and that made it refreshing.

So that Brings me to…

The purpose of this blog is the wonderful world of Stardew Valley. I am hopelessly completely addicted to this game. It’s an indie farming simulator (roll your eyes if you’re going to) that to me surpasses all those Harvest Moon’s I tried to get into and failed. It just feels so accessible and light. Sure, I’m currently ignoring my social responsibilities (in-game and out) because growing the perfect blueberry is more important but who cares. Stardew Valley is my home now.

Stardew Valley screenshot showing a perfect little farm.
This idyllic farm is not what mine looks like. Mine is pokey but give me time.
Why I’m Still In

I think I would have got bored if it weren’t for the mines. There is only a certain amount of time the average person can spend chopping down trees and growing flowers. The developers considered that. The mines are basically Spelunky without the crazy hard difficulty level.

With only your trusty sword and pickaxe you go through randomised levels in the hope of getting all the way down to level 40. It’s great. There are no real hardships but a few little challenges. When you reach a new enemy they will get you while you figure out what to do. Yet there’s no real threat. If you ever lose all your health, or far more likely, lose all your energy (this happens with exertion or at 2am) you just collapse and wake up at home. They charge you a nominal amount depending on your current wealth and off you go again! It’s risk-free exploration!

Stardew Valley screenshot showing the mines
These mines are where I spend my days.
The (Slight) Problem

Stardew Valley should be in my rearview mirror already. It was meant to be used for one day as toddler-friendly gaming. I was meant to go back to Dishonored 2, which I am halfway through but I can’t. I love my farm too much. Every minute I can spend on gaming is spent (which as a working mum isn’t as much as I’d like) planting and spelunking and tending to my bees. I am officially a crazy person because for all the top rated games I have sitting waiting to be played I am a farmer. I have no idea when I will be able to escape.