Full Throttle Remaster

We’ve got a couple of remastered editions to look at today but let’s kick it off with the classic point and click adventure Full Throttle. This is a great opportunity for younger gamers and those who missed out the first time to enjoy a Tim Schafer classic. It is one of the standout titles from the golden era of the genre. Originally released in 1996 the Full Throttle Remaster will be available on PS4, PC and Vita on April 18th.

Full throttle picture of a man on a bike in front of an explosion

Tell me More

With a price point of $14.99 this is a classic piece of gaming history puzzle fans should snatch up. An unusually gritty adventure, this one is all about bikers. And there just aren’t enough full-on bikers in gaming for my liking. Like the other remasters of LucasArts adventure games you can use the start button to shift between remastered and classic graphics.

PaRappa the Rapper Remaster

Next up, the original rhythm game, PaRappa the Rapper. Again younger gamers are probably going “huh?”. Back in the 90s we were all obsessed with rap music in a way that meant the most unlikely people were trying it. PaRappa is no exception. This game features the tumultuous journey of a dog trying to learn to rap so he can woo his crush.

PaRappa the Rapper remake screenshot

Tell me More… Part 2

This cult classic rhythm game will show you the humble place that the genre started. It is coming to PS4 on April 4th for £11.99. If you preorder you will also receive a 20th anniversary theme for your home page.

Remasters done Right?

It’s never easy to tell if a remaster is a good idea or not. What I can tell you is that both of these titles are bona fide classics with a huge fanbase. If you missed out on either of them then you probably want to pick these up. I’ve got eyes on the Full Throttle Remaster because I just loved the experience. Go forth and shop! Enjoy a bit of gaming history.