Drawn to Death is Free on PlayStation Plus in April

 Drawn to Death

You may not have heard of Drawn to Death yet but if you like shooters with more than a pinch of style it will be on your wishlist real soon. Created as a PS4 exclusive by The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency the big news is that it will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers when it launches on April 4th. If you’re not a subscriber you can pick it up for $19.99.

What is it then?

Drawn to Death is a shooter-brawler that looks like it’s been sketched on an A4 lined pad at school by that annoyingly talented kid who doodles. That’s actually the premise. The result is a unique and highly stylised game. It will include 15 missions for you to complete with the 6 different characters. As you do so you will gain loot in the form of skins and taunts. If you love your guns but are sick to death of all the grey same-old looks then this is most undoubtedly for you. There will be 26 weapons for you to play with.

Multiplayer Details

Of course no shooter is complete without a multiplayer mode these days, and Drawn to Death houses 6 modes for your enjoyment.

There’s a classic deathmatch (first to 10) and a classic team deathmatch (first to 20) obviously. Then there’s Core Deathmatch; the first to 5 points is the winner with one point per kill. It is also -1 point per death. Again there’s a team version which is first to 10. Organ Donor mode involves shooting an enemy’s heart out and taking back to base. A somewhat grizzly take on Capture the Flag! Brawl involves levels which slowly close in on you creating a more up close and personal finish than you may want.

Drawn to Death Screenshot

Plans Change

Some of you may be questioning why the game isn’t free-to-play as originally planned. The answer lies in the dramatic expansion of the game during development. The team have been working on it for three years and the game is bigger and better than expected. You can’t really complain about that then can you?