Daedalic Entertainment should be on Your Radar

Ignoring popular opinion, I don’t think Telltale make the best point and click games. In fact I don’t even think the Telltale games should be in the same category. Call them interactive novels and move on. Sure they can be enjoyable but they are not and never will be adventure point and clicks to me.

I am a purest. I grew up on Monkey Island, Full Throttle and Simon the Sorcerer. In my opinion the buzz about adventure games should be directed at least partially at Daedalic Entertainment.

Monkey Island screenshot showing sword-fighting.
“How appropriate. You fight like a cow.”
Daedalic who?

I missed out on the early days of this developer. Something that I have now rectified. After the adventure genre died an ugly death (okay really it was more of a drawn-out terminal illness) I largely gave up on PC gaming. The occasional puzzle would catch my eye (Please, Don’t Touch Anything is fabulous) but overall my PC became wholly uninteresting. For the longest time there wasn’t even many point and clicks on the consoles either.

My Introduction

Then I reviewed a point and click at a previous writing post. I reviewed the Night of the Rabbit. I was immediately captivated by how beautiful the game was. The sound, the backgrounds – it was all so lush, so obviously a labour of love. This, I thought, is a developer who loves the genre. Then there were the puzzles. Back in the golden era of adventure games puzzle solutions would often be so obscure that newcomers will feel hopelessly stuck. And some of these were before the internet. When you had to work it out or get a friend to work it out with no walkthrough. The horror!

Night of the Rabbit screenshot.
You want this game.

Then there were the inclusive, everyone is welcome point and clicks. Games like the Wallace and Gromit series that was out a few years ago. They were fun but for seasoned gamers they were just over so quickly. The puzzles were a breeze.

Daedalic Entertainment hit the nail on the head. The nail was of course perfectly crafted and looked better than any of the other nails in the box. The puzzles are hard; I’m not going to pretend they’re not. But they’re manageable. You won’t need to struggle for weeks or look up a solution but you may need to think about it and come back later.

The Future is Bright so Pay Attention

No matter how wonderful the Daedalic games are I can’t help but feel they should be shown to a larger audience. Still I find people who love the genre and can’t find any good modern titles. I love how Daedalic haven’t even stayed in one genre. They have fantasy games, comedies, more tragic titles etc. If you’ve played one and it wasn’t your cup of tea tonally I urge you to try another one in another series.

Wonderfully, adventure games are getting big on consoles now. It’s mainly down to Telltale. I’ll admit that. It is great to see people enjoying such a classic genre again regardless of how they found it. Daedalic are now starting to release their games for X1 and PS4 alongside PC. Having played some of them would totally not put me off. I fully look forward to achievement hunting in what I believe to be the best point and click titles made today.


If you like adventure games check out the back-catalogue and dive in. You can thank me later.