For Honor isn’t Very Hono(u)rable

For Honor was monstrously popular in its first week, topping the UK games chart but the shine sure wore off quickly. The medieval hack ‘n’ slash title had all the markings of something that could be great… then came the cheaters, the farmers, the P2P connectivity issues that make you want to scream. Once gamers had got over the initial outrage some of them started to look at how feasible it was to unlock everything. After all, there’s a completionist hidden in all of us. The answer did not impress them.

For Honor screenshot showing the High Fort map
Don’t be fooled by its prettiness…

Those initial problems meant a loss of 50% of the players who purchased the game on Steam. No one likes to have the odds stacked against them unfairly. But now For Honor may well lose some of the hangers-on. Reddit user bystander007 worked out exactly what it would cost in micro-transactions to max out everything. The answer is a terrifying $732. Yes, you read that right. That includes all possible bits for all 12 heroes but doesn’t include any DLC. Providing the game doesn’t lose all of its fanbase DLC is expected, which will push that price up even further.

“Ubisoft is notorious for their deceptively expensive multiplayer games as anyone who has played any of their recent Tom Clancy games could tell you. I personally have just suppressed the Completionist within me and stopped bothering to grind for unlocks. Once you do the math, you’ll agree.” – bystander007.

Honest Gaming

If you, like me, despise micro-transactions and would rather chip away using effort and hard graft then bystander007 is here to burst your bubble once again.

“Casual players who play 1-2 hours 5-7 days a week will never reach this goal. Completing Orders/half-Contracts will get you roughly 1000 Steel, another roughly 200 for the matches you played. So 1200 a day is a good estimated gain for casual players. That’s 915 days. Roughly 2.51 years.”

Thanks for that. Ubisoft have some serious back-pedalling to do if they’re going to win the fans back. At the very least someone high up needs to do the math themselves.


I’m going to leave you with some eloquently put wisdom from our friendly For Honor nay-sayer. Words which I entirely agree with. This isn’t a freemium game. This is one you pay for and then pay for again. If you’re on the fence about whether micro-transactions are good or not take heed.

“To everyone…who comments ‘Do you really need all unlocks?’ My answer is a big fat resounding…YES. [Because I paid] for them. It’s base game content in a full price game I paid for. I should be able to get every single unlock I conceivably want to unlock. And it shouldn’t take me 2 years to [do it]…”