Peregrin Announced – Myth, Fantasy and Sci-Fi!

Peregrin – Your New Puzzler

Domino Digital have announced that they will be bringing Peregrin to our PCs, X1s and PS4 in the near future. Full of puzzles and explorations and taking inspiration from plenty of familiar sources this is a puzzler that has potential to be pretty special.

Peregrin logo

From the Horse’s Mouth

Founder of Domino, Dan Walters said “We’re very excited to be releasing Peregrin this year. We’ve put a lot of love and hard work into this game and we can’t wait for players to experience Abi’s story as she crosses the wasteland to save her tribe”.

Peregrin screenshot of a beach

It’s all in the Details

Peregrin is a story-based puzzler. It snatches from mythical stories, sci-fi and fantasy to create something deep in lore. The story revolves around Abi. She most overcome loss on a personal and wider level as she leaves her tribe and starts her journey. Along the way secrets of the past you will discover artifacts and mysterious monoliths. Abi will have arcane powers for you to play with. You’ll be able to use them to take over a creature for a short time. Each creature has its own abilities which may be useful to you. You’ll have to discover the best route forward as you solve puzzles and survive battles.

Peregrin screenshot of a battle

Key Features

As I said, the story is a key feature of Peregrin. There will be a rich narrative which extends over more than 60 scenes in 5 chapters. The developers promise that the creature possession mechanic will be intuitive and rewarding. It’s the sensory aspects that have me excited however, The game promises a lush musical score and you only need look at the screenshots and trailer to see the art style is beautiful and intriguing. Inspired by sci-fi artists John Harris and Moebius if this game plays as good as it looks I’m sold.

Peregrin screenshot of a strange structure