Twitch finally starts rolling out support for 1080p/60fps streams.

Twitch now, not only allows 1080p/60fps streams but they also raised the bitrate limit from 3.5 megabits to 6!

They are also rolling out a new set of numbered quality options. Viewers now have more options to select their desired resolution.

“How do you know if your channel has the new quality options? Visit Twitch Inspector and check your latest stream data for an indicator called “Transcode V2.” Once you have access (we’re rolling out support for all channels in the coming weeks), your viewers will be able to open the video settings menu and find more p’s than a plate of pepperoni pizza.”

“Twitch Inspector is about more than just quality options, though. It lets you monitor and troubleshoot your stream stability and run test streams before you go live so your viewers will have the best experience possible.”