For Honor Update Inbound

Recently I showed the ridiculous number of hours you would need to play to max For Honor. And the obscene cost if you went the paid route. Neither was remotely acceptable and I wasn’t alone in my thinking. Ubisoft has even been labelled the worst game company, a title previously held by EA. The player base is well and truly peeved and they weren’t about to sit back and do nothing.

Time to Sit Back and do Nothing

Okay they were going to do this but in an organised form. After fans rallying together they have organised an official “For Honor Blackout” event. Starting 3rd April at 10PM BST they will be refusing to play in the hope that Ubisoft notices.

“The goal is to receive a response from Ubisoft, something that tells us to maintain our faith in the game,” while stating that the blackout is “not an attack against Ubisoft or the game” – Reddit user jbaayoun

Ubisoft’s Response… or is it?

While no one is sure if Ubisoft is entirely aware of the situation or cares if they do know they are responding to the overall dissatisfaction. Apparent maintenance will take place soon. It will increase steel income and bring back the maps River Fort and High Fort. This may be completed unrelated to the boycott but my guess is they’ll never admit it one way or the other.

To Blackout or not to Blackout?

With an apparent response taking place before the blackout things have been called into question. After all the main thing they wanted was communication with Ubisoft.

“This raises the question if we should continue the blackout or not. I do not know if it is a response from Ubisoft considering how quickly this new came out after the announcement of the event.

For Honor screenshot of a battle

“I am happy that Ubisoft has finally implemented some changes to at least the steel and have brought back our maps.As a community do you find that it is enough? Or are you still not happy. Remember this is a community event, not my event, we move in the direction of the majority of the community and if the community feels as if we are happy then we can call off the event.”

Will you boycott? Did the whole thing put you off ever going near the game? Or will this For Honor update be the saviour it needs so badly?