Moons of Madness

Fans of all things that fall under psychological horror are likely well aware of the upcoming Moons of Madness. The game embraces all things Lovecraft – I love how many games are doing this. Oozing culture this game has got the attention of the Norwegian Film Institute.

NFI – Not Just for Films

Despite the name the Institute actually gives money to projects it deems worthy throughout the arts. Recipients must be Norwegian though. Moons of Madness developers Rock Pocket Games have now received the largest amount of funding from the sponsor out of everyone. They have received 1.6 million Norwegian Krone (NOK), which is roughly £150,000 to continue work on the game. This isn’t even the first time this has happened. The NFI is clearly keen to get this project done as they have previously donated funds on two separate occasions. The total donation now stands at 3.6 million NOK. That’s quite a donation!

Moons of Madness screenshot of solar panels on Mars

Why are they so Keen?

The NFI for whatever reason is clearly very interested in this game. It does sound interesting. The plot involves the journey of an astronaut named Shane Newehart who struggles with supernatural elements. He is living on the first ever scientific outpost on Mars. Heavily story-based I expect what we don’t see will be just as important as what we do. The developers describe it as follows.

“Players will explore a realistic interpretation of the red planet as they uncover the mystery surrounding Shane’s past and learn the secrets behind the sinister moons of madness.”

To read more or receive updates you can go to the website.

How Many light-years?

Yes I know light-years measure distance and not time. Stop being a pedant. Moons of Madness will arrive Q1 2018. Release platforms will be X1, PS4 and PC. I will leave you with some more screenshots.

Moons of madness dark cave with manmade aspects Moons of Madness dark cave Moons of Madness Annabelle photo