Escape From Tarkov – “Scavs” faction join the battle


Battlestate Games, the developers of the upcoming hardcore story-driven MMO FPS game Escape From Tarkov have released the newest playable faction for their highly anticipated first person shooter.

Scavs are a playable side faction that allows the player to team up with up to 4 players per gang and try to grab as much loot as possible before dying. All of the loot then gets added to the arsenal of the main character.

escape from tarkov

The player won’t need to fear of losing anything that they found or brought into the raid when playing as a Scav.

Even thought Scavs are on neither side, they can become quite brutal fighters when they have to defend their territory and valuables that they conquered. The only thing they fear of are the operators of both sides, USEC and BEAR. But if they join the raid as a Scav, they won’t need to worry about the AI Scavs as they only attack when the player attacks them first. Equipment, weapons, place and time of Scav spawning locations are random and always different.

escape from tarkov

Thanks to the Escape From Tarkov’s custom system modules that create an incredibly immersive gameplay which makes the player feel like it’s a real thing, makes them more aware of the surroundings and more careful when approaching different areas.