Brace yourselves because there has been quite a lot of info released for the future of Battlefield 1. Aleksander Grøndal has posted a new The Road Ahead post with a tonne more info about the upcoming In The Name Of The Tsar expansion pack and many other things. Check them out below:

Monthly Battlefield 1 Updates

DICE and EA are now dedicated to releasing monthly updates for Battlefield 1. With this tempo, they will be able to bring more fixes sooner than ever. Thanks to the Community Test Environment, this will be easier since they won’t need to test everything internally. With it they can also get feedback from players and fix/balance stuff thanks to it.


The upcoming Spring Update will bring one of the most highly anticipated features, Platoons. You can already try them out in the Community Test Environment version of Battlefield 1. It will allow you to create a group where you will be able to invite friends and get your own tag in front of the name in-game! It will also allow you to more easily join servers with platoon members in them.

In-Game Improvements and Tweaks to Operations

Thanks to all the feedback on the official forums and Reddit, DICE has been hard at work with improving the current state of the game with many fixes and balance edits which will be released in the May Update. This includes streamlining the flow into matches and improving many gameplay grievances that will hopefully make the action feel more balanced and fair. The team is also working on implementing more features to the Battlefield 1 Rent-a-Server Program which will be hopefully release soon.

In The Name Of The Tsar Expansion Pack

They also released a few concept arts for the expansion pack In The Name Of The Tsar with a little tease to what’s coming next.

“Battlefield 1 In The Name Of The Tsar will bring you to the Eastern Front, where you will fight alongside the Russian army and witness the brutality of combat and the bitter cold of the Russian winters, as seen in the concept exploration images in this post. Prepare yourself for all new tactics employed by the Russian army. Though the frost is cold, the steel is colder.”

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