There are few games I hold in a higher regard than Squad. It is an immersive tactical first person shooter from the team that brought us Project Reality for Battlefield 2 and the ARMA series.

Squad is an unforgiving account of modern combat that will challenge your mind to overcome the obstacles around you to execute the perfect plan. Indeed, playing as a squad leader can feel somewhat more like playing some strategy games, making sure that you get your machine gunner in the right place, whilst co-ordinating your riflemen to assist another squad because their leader is shouting through the commander’s channel that he’s being overrun.

There’s a command chain to respect and the elements of teamwork are essential to your survival as a unit and as a team. This is the kind of game where you can tell if one or two people aren’t doing their job correctly, and the situation can often go horrifically wrong quickly if people aren’t giving it their all – or are making poor decisions.

It’s a tiring slog of a game that requires you to know your role, and to communicate effectively the changes on the battlefield, as well as your own status.

Advancing Squad

“Contact 262, 2 men heading East, Engaging, By Light Cover”

And that is what makes squad so magnificent. It demands a lot from you, but if you are prepared to give what it takes, there really is no game quite like it. The only game that comes close is ArmA 3, but here you’ve the advantage of an FPS game, being far more playable and easier to get into than the MilSim that ArmA provides.

This weekend, Squad gets its first urban intensive map, which will really mix up the play for the squad veterans, as well as a chance for new players to try squad for free (something I highly recommend if you like tactical shooters), providing plenty of green recruits to add to the madness.

You can grab Squad on Steam to give it a test run. As a bonus, Squad is 50% off this weekend, which is a fantastic deal for newcomers.

We shall see you on the battlefield, soldier.