DICE has released a new update for the Community Test Environment which features a few fixes and a brand new map called Nivelle Nights.

The map is focused on infantry based close combat in and between trenches and it’s also the very first nighttime map in Battlefield 1.


During the next few weeks, DICE wants you to try out the codenamed MP_Trench map and give back as much feedback as possible on the official SubReddit.

DICE is looking for feedback on these following topics:

  • Placement of conquest points
  • Distance between conquest points
  • The size of the conquest point capture areas
  • Layout of the main paths between the conquest points
  • Nighttime visibility
  • Special Conquest Points setup – Teams will have pre-owned flags and special start of round spawns
  • Vehicles – Are there enough? Are they useful?
  • Cover – Is there enough cover on the map?
  • Major geometry bugs, glitches and exploits

DICE also asks to not give feedback on any of the following topics as they are the things that they already work on improving:

  • Minor graphical issues
  • Sound issues
  • Any other smaller bugs
  • Horse traversal in trenches

After you played the map a few times, please fill out this survey, it will help them out a lot: www.surveymonkey.com/r/88YL3D5