Switch News Roundup – New Games, New Colours…

Switch News is Good News

The latest Nintendo Direct video provided Nintendo fans with a wealth of information. If you haven’t watched it in its entirety keep reading for all the things you need to know. There is plenty of Switch news for early adopters.

Mario screenshot from some of the Switch news

Games, Games, Games…

The over-arching message for Switch users was clear – there are copious amounts of games in-bound for the young system. They will be coming thick and fast from both in-house and 3rd party developers. Here are some of the games you’ll soon be able to get your hands on.

Puyo Puyo Tetris: 25th April (demo out now)
Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition: 11th May
Disgaea 5 Complete: 23rd May (demo coming soon)
Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers: 26th May
Arms: 16th June
Splatoon 2: 21st July
Fate/Extella: 25th July
Sonic Mania: Summer
Sine Mora X: Summer
Project Mekuru (working title): Summer
Namco Museum: Summer
Monopoly for Nintendo Switch: Autumn
Payday 2017: Winter
Battle Chasers: Night War: Late Summer

Games above with hyperlinks will take you direct to trailers. There is also a trailer for the new four player co-op mode in Splatoon 2.


Not all the Switch news was related to the upcoming games you’ll be playing. There was also news on the hardware front.

new joy-con colour was also part of the Switch news in neon yellow

Alongside a handy gizmo that will extend the battery life of your Joy-Con comes a new colour to buy. On 16th June you’ll be able to buy the new Neon Yellow Joy-Con. With a simultaneous release comes the set of two battery packs. They take AA batteries. Nintendo is yet to say how much of a battery boost this will give you. Currently Joy-Con’s last up to 20 hours although there are other ways to extend this.

To Recap…

So there we have it. New Joy-Cons are unlikely to tempt many gamers who have just paid out for the Switch but I’m sure some of you just adore yellow enough that it makes sense. The games are definitely the more interesting part. Some had worried that it was a sparse launch catalogue for the Switch but now at least we know the wait will not be long.