Hearthstone – Journey to Un’goro

On April 6th Blizzard launched the latest expansion for Hearthstone. Journey to Un’goro introduced dinosaurs (because we’re all big kids at heart). It seemed great except maybe it isn’t. In what is becoming an enlightening trend a Reddit user by the name of Seaserpent02 has exposed what could be the true cost of maxing out the new cards. And it’s not good news.

Like Tearing off a Plaster really Slowly… on your Wallet

The Hearthstone expansion contains 135 new cards. So far, so good. The problem lies in how many duplicates people receive when opening packs. Seaserpent02 used data from opening 1,101 packs to write an algorithm. This then showed the minimum amount of packs required, based on his data set, to complete the collection. It would take between 214 and 437 packs. This is an average of 316 packs. This would cost Seaserpent02 $399.92.

Players who prefer a grind to spending hard-earned cash should get to work. There are 49 commons, 36 rares, 27 epics, and 23 legendaries to collect in the Un’goro expansion.

Hearthstone Journey to Un'goro dinosaur screenshot

Brexit Issues

Unfortunately the math Seaserpent02 created is for prices in dollars. I recented reported that here prices are sky-rocketing here thanks to Brexit related issues. We’re looking at around £370 to complete the collection if you buy your packs in groups of 60 whenever needed.

This release also starts the new year in Hearthstone that Blizzard’s calling The Year of the Mammoth”. Let’s hope that isn’t “the year of the mammoth price hikes”.