New Hot Shots Golf Trailer, Screenshots & Release Date

New Hot Shots Golf Info

There is something about quirky golf games that means gamers jump on board time and time again. I myself am no exception. New Hot Shots Golf is a PS4 exclusive that is brim full of Japanese quirkiness and that means we want it – bad.

As it stands the game has a Japanese release date but no Western one. We suspect, however, that a Western date announcement is just around the corner. The game will be released in Japan on 31st August as New Minna No Golf (New Hot Shots Golf).

New Hot Shots Golf screenshot of a cat costumed character

How to Buy

You have various options on how to purchase your new digital golf addiction. It will be available in physical or digital copies. Additionally there will be a digital only option of the Course Collection Special Pack. This will cost 9,200 Yen as opposed to the 5,900 Yen price-tag of the other editions.

What about the Title?

If you’re looking at the title drawing a blank and wondering about it let me help. Hot Shots Golf is a series that is soon to hit its 20th anniversary. It was first released on the original PlayStation.

Pressies for All!

If you preorder the standard edition of New Hot Shots Golf you will get a commemorative course. If you buy the special edition you will receive a second anniversary course. Additional items included in the Course Collection Special Pack are an included season pass for future courses, a premium cart and an all-important cat costume. It just wouldn’t be Japanese golf without the ability to dress-up! Additionally all versions have a preorder bonus of a second rabbit costume.

Eye Candy Time

If you can’t wait to get going on the digital green then I’ll leave you with some screenshots. At least we have time to debate whether we’ll be a cat or a rabbit before we get a European release.

New Hot Shots Golf Screenshot New Hot Shots Golf Screenshot -  ball in the air New Hot Shots Golf Screenshot - nice shot praise New Hot Shots Golf Screenshot - eagle eye view of course New Hot Shots Golf Screenshot - girl putting New Hot Shots Golf Screenshot - character customisation New Hot Shots Golf Screenshot - celebrating line of golfers New Hot Shots Golf Screenshot - pink bunny hitting ball