Humble Bundle is our Friend

We all love Humble Bundle. Cheap games for good causes – it’s a win-win. Usually mobile gaming is bereft on any real gems and we’re all relegated to playing the same strategy or match-3 title till it feels like a circle of hell. The Humble Mobile Bundle will have you wishing your commute would never end.

What you can get

At the bottom level you can pay whatever you want and receive Tim Schafer’s masterpiece Grim Fandango. You’ll also get Kathy Rain and indie darling Machinarium. If you pay more than a single dollar (seriously, why wouldn’t you?!) you’ll also get the soundtrack to Grim Fandango.

There is no “beat the average” level this time around so breathe easy. Pay more than $4 though and you’ll receive the critically acclaimed Her Story which is worth considerably more than that on its own. You’ll also get Sorcery 4 and Burly Men at Sea.

If you pay more than $6 (again guys, just do it) you will also receive Lumino City and Samorost 3. The latter is the creation of Amaninta Design who also gave us Machinarium.

More Perks

This fabulous line-up of games is being offered DRM-free. This means you can upgrade your phone as many times as you want and still have access to them. It also means no internet connection is required to play the games once you’ve got them installed. Let’s face it, this is pretty essential when on our patchy signalled railway lines!

You’ll also get the chance to do a good deed. The amount you choose to pay is split between the game developers, the organisers and charitable organisations. The nominated charities are Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play but you can select a third cause should you wish to. You can choose how your money is split between the beneficiaries.

Click here to get the bundle.

Humble Bundle screenshot for mobile offerings
Let’s get gaming!