Seclusion: Islesbury is now on Steam Greenlight

Seclusion: Islesbury

One of the latest games to arrive on Steam Greenlight is Seclusion: Islesbury. You can now vote on this, the latest game developed by Silent Game House. This adventure game involves investigated a decade old murder. It takes place in a sleepy little town which let’s face it means secrets and solidarity that you have to break.

Story & Mechanics

You guide Jason Endel through a journey through “the depths of madness and horror”. As happens in real life small towns (trust me, I moved to one) the arrival of someone new does not go unnoticed. And most are not pleased by your presence.

Set in a first-person panoramic view Seclusion allows full immersion into its world. Additionally you will not have an overly cluttered interface to work around.

Seclusion: Islesbury screenshot of a hall

The gameplay is made up of challenging puzzles that will utilise both “the environment(s) and your (their) wits”. These puzzles will provide you with clues and will steer you through the tale.

You can expect to journey through deserted buildings, creepy woods and a host of other secret locations.

Opinions Matter

There seem to be a lot of more adult themed adventure games arriving and I welcome it. The same crowd that grew up on Monkey Island is now old enough to want something a bit grittier in their games even if they’re still playing the same genre.

More Details

If it goes ahead Seclusion will arrive in Q3 of this year. You can check out its Steam Greenlight page here. Additionally I will leave you with the second video which features a sneak peek of the gameplay.