Code Vein – What is it?

Last week you may recall Bandai Namco teased a trailer for a new project with the hashtag #Preparetodine. It didn’t show us much but it certainly got our attention. It has now been revealed that the game in question is Code Vein. We can expect its arrival next year according to Famitsu.

Created by the team that brought us the God Eater series this looks game is giving some people Dark Souls vibes. I’m scared already.

The Plot

A future setting is an unusual choice for vampire escapades but we do like some originality. Vampiric heroes called Revenants use supernatural abilities to help find their way in a dystopian society.

Code Vein art

As you will be playing a vampire you will of course have to sustain yourself by bloodsucking as you go. You’ll be accompanied by an AI friend who will help you and hopefully lend you some blood.

Game Details

Code Vein is a heart an action-RPG but it is self-described as both difficult (so there’s your Dark Souls link) and dramatic. I for one enjoy a challenge and have a penchant for the dramatic. I even love Bandai Namco because of their Tales series. You can expect me to be watching this one carefully and bringing you updates.

We are expecting a further release trailer with some more concrete details on Thursday.