Some sources started reporting that Nintendo is working on a miniature version of the original SNES console, planned to be released later this year.

Nintendo explained that they never intended for NES Mini to be a permanent product. The microconsole was planned to be a cool little item for Christmas 2016. They also added that the numbers in which it was manufactured and shipped were expected to be enough to achieve said goal.

As many know, NES Mini ended up becoming really popular to the point they were sold for three times the market price on eBay after it was quickly sold out. Hopefully, Nintendo will produce more consoles this time.

NES Mini featured 30 classic titles, but the advancements SNES delivered back in the days, it is expected SNES Mini will feature more and better classic titles.

It is expected that SNES Mini will feature plug-and-play setup, just like NES Mini did.

There is not much else known so far about the upcoming SNES Mini. Some are speculating Nintendo will release it for Christmas holidays.