This is a new type of Article for GM which has come along with the reboot of the website. It’s called “A few thoughts:”.¬†First up, is Anno 2205. I bought the game in the recent Steam Winter Sale, mainly because I wanted to test out how uplay/steam worked together. In preparation for Far Cry 5’s release next year. I wasn’t expecting to play the game and enjoy it as a much as I have.

A few thoughts is a bit of a cross between our “Game In Reviews:” and “Inbox:”, I have played the game enough to get a basic understanding of the title. But, haven’t played enough for a full game review. The problem with Inbox was it never really had much of an opinion piece. It was just gameplay or very few words about the game. I wanted to do something a bit more than that with GM 6.0.

I’ve never really been someone that enjoys or even plays Strategy games. I’ve had Anno 2070 in my games library for years on uplay. Maybe booted it once and didn’t enjoy it. Over the past 4 days, I’ve played 20 hours, keeping me up until the early hours of the morning wondering where all the time went.

In Anno 2205 you start the game by entering phase 1 of the Lunar Licensing program, you are given some in-game money to start off and get taken through a basic tutorial. Building up your own settlement. Factories, Mines, Homes, Football stadiums and more. The goal? To build up the biggest corporation possible and complete the Lunar program.

You can unlock a variety of different locations, varying from beautiful islands surrounded by water, desserts, space stations, colonies on the moon and much much more. Each location has multiple sub-areas which can be unlocked over time. Using up resources, for example, Aluminium and Rare Earth Materials. Some of these can only be mined/made in a specific location which results in you having to create a transfer route. Which you guessed it uses up your money and materials needed for other things back at the source location of the item. It’s really quite a deep experience. I think I have only touched the surface so far and I’m level 47.

It get’s more and more complicated over time, with missions coming in from NPC’s, varying from fighting off enemies from attacking your base or going to collect parts of a destroyed water dam. Everything you do has a consequence, build up loads of Factories? You need more Staff and Electricity. Build more houses? You’ll need to get more water plants and food setup. Leave everything alone to rest? People will start leaving as there needs haven’t been satisfied or something has run out. I’ve been running on the basic difficulty, where you get bailed out automatically if you run out of money. But as you can see above, my credits are negative 92,000 that results in you losing money. That number goes down if you’re not efficient with running your empire, for example, building loads of separate¬†factories and not upgrading your current ones. I’m still struggling to understand the mechanic fully.

Both of my save slots around about Phase 2 of the game I ended up in the red and never getting out of it without going back in again. You also have the stock market which gives you, even more, to think about. Do I sell stocks in my own company? Do I buy stocks in another successful company? Do I sabotage another company? All these decisions need to be made in Anno 2205. It’s definitely a game which requires a lot of thought and concentration. It’s also very addictive, so much so, the developers have actually put in warnings for every hour you play (Over 2 Hours and beyond) telling you to go and take a break.