Back in September of 2017, I made an announcement saying that I was taking a step back from Gaming Masters. That was the plan, and still is in some ways. However, I have realized that I can’t resist writing about Video Games, it’s something I have done almost daily over the past 9 years. I don’t have the time I used to now I work at EA (Criterion Games), but, would still like to try and keep this hobby running.

The site has been inactive┬ápretty much ever since, but I want to try and give it a bit of a reboot. I don’t want to have the same burden I had before, of writing daily about news and loads of other content. This means that Gaming Masters won’t be returning to daily news content, but, it will have some *content* what that actually will be is still to be fully confirmed. It might change a lot as well.

As a part of the reboot, you may have noticed that the site hasn’t got any old content and also got a new look. Here is a summary of the changes:

  • The rest of the team have decided to move onto a new project, which will have more details confirmed shortly.
  • All “Retro” content (2014-2016) has been deleted, as this content wasn’t worthy of keeping on the site.
  • All Previous Content has been moved to pages on the backend, this means links will still work but the content isn’t visible on the home page. It can be searched still too ­čÖé
    • Because of the above, some videos/reviews might not look the same. This is something I want to try and fix. If you need help give me a shout on Twitter @edstub207
  • Twitter/Facebook is going to be less active for the site (Will only really have content shared, not loads of retweets)
  • Digital Content (YouTube/Podcasts/Twitch Streams) might be returning, but not to a regular schedule for the time being.

What about the future?

  • Currently, I’m going to solo this because it’s more of a hobby, not something I want to do as “work”.
  • Content will be released as and when I’m able to release┬áit, so there might be weeks without content, then daily content. ­čÖé
  • Will reviews still be a thing?
    • Maybe, I haven’t really decided to be honest. I want to keep doing reviews but don’t feel that I can play games enough to do a review. Maybe something like a First 5 Hours?
  • Will news return?
    • Maybe, but not daily. Only stuff that really matters. (E3 etc)
  • Will you be going to events again?
    • I want to still go to events, depends if the site is still considered as a suitable media outlet for them.
  • Why have the others left?
    • Originally, when I decided I was going to step down I meant it for real and wanted to shut down GM Forever. They decided to build something from scratch themselves,┬áinstead than rebuilding GM, I’m giving them a helping hand with a few things. If they want to come back they are welcome.
  • Does working at EA Effect anything?
    • Nothing has changed with that since I announced such back in March. I won’t be covering any EA games to be on the safe side, otherwise, everything else is okay, for the time being.

Best Regards,

Eddie Stubbington