Monday, April 24, 2017


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For Honor screenshot showing the High Fort map

Game In Review: For Honor

History denied us a fight between the sons of Odin, the defenders of justice and the warriors of art, but Ubisoft have given us the chance to step into the shoes...
For Honor logo with standards in the background

For Honor Demands $700 or 2.5 Years to Unlock Everything

For Honor isn't Very Hono(u)rable For Honor was monstrously popular in its first week, topping the UK games chart but the shine sure wore off quickly. The medieval hack 'n' slash title...

The Division Year 2 Plans Revealed

One year ago, The Division Agents hit the streets and set out to save New York – a city decimated by disease and left in chaos by nefarious groups looking to seize...

Steep is Free to Play this Weekend – Goggles On!

Steep is not a Price-tag Descriptor Ubisoft have announced their recent endeavour into open world extreme sports games will be free to play this weekend. Steep consists of events and exploration using...
ASsassin's Creed logo

New Assassin’s Creed Please – I have Withdrawal

New Assassin's Creed Now - its Absence is Affecting my Gaming When it was announced that alongside an actual new Assassin's Creed we were getting 3 spinoffs everyone groaned. Even I thought...


Today, Ubisoft announced the post-launch plan for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, including a post-launch free PvP update, and a season pass containing two major expansions, faction-themed equipment, an exclusive vehicle, permanent...

Ubisoft Announce An Avatar Based Video Game; development led by Ubisoft Massive

Today, Ubisoft announced a partnership with Lightstorm Entertainment and Fox Interactive to create a cutting-edge new game for consoles and PC set on Pandora, the beautiful and dangerous moon from James Cameron’s...

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