Friday, March 24, 2017


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Peregrin Announced – Myth, Fantasy and Sci-Fi!

Peregrin - Your New Puzzler Domino Digital have announced that they will be bringing Peregrin to our PCs, X1s and PS4 in the near future. Full of puzzles and explorations and taking...
Xbox Wireless Controller Tech Series pad

Xbox Wireless Controller Tech Series – Another Pad, Another Gimmick

Xbox Wireless Controller Tech Series Yes it's a mouthful but that is the official name for the new X1 pads that are going to have some of you scrimping and saving in...

Mana Series Anthology to be Released on Switch

Mana Series - the Other One When people think of Square Enix RPGs they tend to almost entirely say Final Fantasy. Clearly that's a right answer but true fans will also proclaim...

New GTA 5 Online Update Out Now

GTA 5 has received yet another new online update. There has been a few new stuff added to Grand Theft Auto 5 , or GTA Online. First of which is a brand new...
Dark Souls 3

New Dark Souls 3 PS4 Pro Patch

Dark Souls 3 will get framerate improvements on PS4 Pro with 1.11 patch. Dark Souls 3 will get a new patch on March 24, which will include an increased frame rate for PS4 Pro...
For Honor logo with standards in the background

For Honor Demands $700 or 2.5 Years to Unlock Everything

For Honor isn't Very Hono(u)rable For Honor was monstrously popular in its first week, topping the UK games chart but the shine sure wore off quickly. The medieval hack 'n' slash title...

Nintendo doubling the production of Switch units

Nintendo plans to double Switch production. Reports from The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo's initial plan was to produce 8 million Switch units. However, Nintendo is doubling that number to 16 million to keep up...

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