Friday, March 24, 2017
Dark Souls 3

New Dark Souls 3 PS4 Pro Patch

Dark Souls 3 will get framerate improvements on PS4 Pro with 1.11 patch. Dark Souls 3 will get a new patch on March 24, which will include an increased frame rate for PS4 Pro...
For Honor screenshot showing the High Fort map

Game In Review: For Honor

History denied us a fight between the sons of Odin, the defenders of justice and the warriors of art, but Ubisoft have given us the chance to step into the shoes...
Daedalic Entertainment logo

Daedalic Entertainment are the Saviours of Adventure Games

Daedalic Entertainment should be on Your Radar Ignoring popular opinion, I don't think Telltale make the best point and click games. In fact I don't even think the Telltale games should be...
For Honor logo with standards in the background

For Honor Demands $700 or 2.5 Years to Unlock Everything

For Honor isn't Very Hono(u)rable For Honor was monstrously popular in its first week, topping the UK games chart but the shine sure wore off quickly. The medieval hack 'n' slash title...

DuckTales Plus 5 More Disney Classics get an HD Bundle Release

DuckTales OooWOOoo! Yes it is still obligatory to say ooowoooo after DuckTales (ooowoooo). Like any good child of the 80s I watched and played DuckTales. If you were tempted by the recent...

Drawn to Death is Free on PlayStation Plus in April

 Drawn to Death You may not have heard of Drawn to Death yet but if you like shooters with more than a pinch of style it will be on your wishlist real...
Full Throttle logo

Full Throttle Remaster & PaRappa the Rapper Remaster Release Dates Set

Full Throttle Remaster We've got a couple of remastered editions to look at today but let's kick it off with the classic point and click adventure Full Throttle. This is a great...

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