Sponsors and Discounts

We currently have these sponsors/partners:


Restream is a cloud multistreaming service, headquartered in Austin, Texas. The service allows its users to broadcast live content to multiple streaming platforms including Youtube, Twitch, Beam, and Ustream simultaneously.

Join GiffGaff 

“GiffGaff is a mobile phone network which has been running since 2009. They use the O2 Network in the UK and have really good deals and offers. Including for £15 a month 1000 Mins, Unlimited Texts and 4GB Data. They don’t have any shops on the high street so everything is done online.”

Nitrado – Game Servers

“Nitrado offers high-quality game servers at an affordable price. The flexible prepaid system guarantees a convenient and simple management of all servers with no contract period.”


Amazon.co.uk is one of the largest online retailers. Currently if we link to a product on the Amazon website we will earn a slight commission if the purchase has been completed. If you really want to help us change your bookmark to the URL linked above.

Gamesplanet.com –

“Gamesplanet is a games download website based in the UK, France and Germany. We are not new to the field of digital distribution; we have been an official licensed re-seller since 2006. Our team consists of real gamers and we hope that you can see that in our offers.”

DinoPC – Coming Soon

“Focusing purely on supplying custom PCs directly to our customers, we listen to the market and the feedback and give customers a wide range of components and options that are tried and tested by us, to build the perfect custom PC for anyone’s needs. Our goal is to deliver the ultimate custom PC in terms of overall value-for-money and long-term reliability.”

NoScopeGaming –

“If you’re in the market for top quality gaming glasses then don’t skip over NoScope Gaming Glasses like the Hydra. Best in price and does everything the overly expensive gaming glasses do.”



NoCopyrightSounds are used in our twitch.tv streams and YouTube videos. They are a provider of royalty free music to content creators.

We are part of a group run by ASUS UK and as a part of the group we do sometimes receive products to review. Currently we don’t earn any money or have any form of discount for you guys. If the product has been sent to us we shall state that in the review.

Instapage –

Instapage is an amazing utility that you can use to create your landing pages for your website! It could be a brand new company or an update to an old website, don’t want people to see inside just yet? Well instapage can make your customers view of your site even more professional in either of these and many more situations.